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Hands On Productions brings people together and transforms them in ways they’ll always remember. We offer products and events that help people explore their inner selves and their relationship to the community. We provide tools that enrich communication and encourage groups of people to have fun and learn about themselves through art.

Our workshops, educational products, and live entertainment each serve to break down barriers and open up the lines of communication among members of a group.

Find out more about how Hands On Productions can bring you an experience to remember!

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An Experience In Self Discovery™ The HandBook of Time Project™ is an intergenerational collaboration in which elders in the early stages of Alzheimer's and "at risk" high school-aged youth worked together creatively to produce a unique kind of book.

An Experience In Self Discovery™ An Experience in Self Discovery™ is our workshop that encourages groups to unmask their true leadership qualities by moving beyond their facades.

The Handshake Casting KitT The Handshake Kit™ is our line of products that use the common gesture of a handshake to explore cooperation, teamwork and diversity.

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